Executive Search

Executive Search (or "Headhunting") is a means of finding high calibre leaders and managers in whatever market or sector they operate. In an increasingly tight labour market, search may be the only way to secure the right mix of skills, experience and cultural fit. Our focus is to attract not only those who are seeking a career change, but also individuals who may be willing to consider another opportunity elsewhere if it is presented to them in the right manner.

This method of recruiting is an accepted and effective route to identifying and recruiting Middle and Senior Management and other Key Specialist Personnel.

Our approach is to:

  • Agree and contribute to the production of the brief and specifications
  • Identify organisations within which appropriate personnel may be located
  • Identify and target known performers within this sector
  • Promote the benefits of your company and opportunities within it
  • Interview candidates thoroughly and present only those who have the necessary attributes and experience for the role
  • Undertake appropriate reference checks on short-listed candidates
  • Decline unsuccessful candidates in a way that they recognise the experience has been professional and rewarding
  • Ensure strict control of the recruiting process and cost throughout the project
  • Give you a Guarantee of performance and outcome

We will manage the offer process through to 'deal finalisation' on your behalf and maintain an ongoing liaison with the successful candidate, both up to their start date and beyond.

Advertised Selection

Where a generalist skill is required, or where the audience is likely to be large and beyond the scope of a search, advertising the position may be appropriate.

The benefit of advertising is that it ensures the position is communicated to a breadth of candidates across a range of sectors and in a variety of geographic areas.


  • Which media should you use?
  • Should you advertise nationally, locally or use a specialised trade journal?
  • Should you use the Internet to ensure maximum coverage and bring an international element to the project? If so, which is the most appropriate job site?
  • Is timing important?
  • How should the advertisement be worded for optimum effect?
  • Should an advert have your company name & logo on it or not?

Working with you we aim to address all of these questions. Advertising is not simply a process of framing a few words and publishing a professionally recognisable job title.

We reduce the amount of time and effort you have to commit by: -

  • Contributing and agreeing the assignment brief and specification
  • Advising on effective media and internet job site selection so the advert reaches the right audience
  • Originating 'Copy' that will appeal to potential candidates
  • Designing adverts and their placement
  • Handling the response and analysing candidate CVs
  • Interviewing and assessing suitable candidates and presenting only those who meet the brief
  • Declining unsuccessful candidates in such a way that they are genuinely disappointed but feel that they have been treated fairly and professionally
  • Ensuring strict control of the recruiting process
  • Giving you a Guarantee of performance and outcome

We will manage the process through to offer and 'deal finalisation' with the candidate and maintain a liaison to their start date and beyond.

Personality Profiling

Personality questionnaires are concerned with people's typical or preferred way of behaving, thinking or acting or how they might approach and solve problems. They explore a broad range of traits or characteristics that are considered appropriate to a working environment.

Questionnaires help employers to:

•  learn things about candidates that would not have been evident at interview

•  provide a more objective view of candidates

•  make effective matches of jobs and people and avoid the expense of making poor selection decisions

Research and results from job analysis indicate that up to 70% of attributes associated with success at work are dimensions of personality rather than ability.

How often do recruiters talk about the "chemistry" or "fit" of a candidate and how some candidates, with excellent technical experience, just wouldn't fit into the team? How often is a candidate selected without looking at the "fit"?

A Personality Profile will assist in the structuring of interviews and allow emphasis to be placed on the most relevant attributes for job success.

We can administer and interpret the SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) for you

Psychometric Testing

Aptitude tests are now used extensively for job selection. They are a powerful aid to assist in the selection of those who are best suited to the demands of the specific job.

Research suggests that the use of such tests increases the chance of selecting the right candidate by up to 4 times.

Tests are objective because candidates are treated equally and third party validation has confirmed they: -

  • are good predictors of performance in the job
  • improve efficiency and profitability by reducing selection errors and thus costs
  • promote equal opportunities by challenging the stereotype judgements often made at interviews
  • are objective as candidates are treated equally

Tests will support and enhance your interview and include verbal, numerical, spatial, diagrammatical, mechanical and critical thinking.

We utilise the range of battery tests developed, and provided, by SHL